serasarah (serasarah) wrote in polishedup,

Huge Polish Purge

Hi... I am cleaning out my polish collection. I am not super active here or in MUA but I am on there as serasarah. You can also look at my feedback on ebay under serasarah. I am in several nail groups on FB and this sale is posted there as well. This sale has lots of indies, some international brands, OPI, China Glaze, Essie etc. The link is to a google doc spreadsheet.

Email me at with questions or if you would like pictures. (I probably won't check this thread as often as I check email)

I will accept paypal ony (I will give my info when I confirm availability for you). Shipping is $2.50 for the first polish and $.50 each additional polish. I will consider international shipping if we agree on rates. I will hold pending polishes for 24 hours only. Thank you.

I am not interested in swapping at this time. Thank you.

Link to sale document:
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