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Clearance of my last 275+ nail polishes! 80%-90% off!

- 392 positive 99% feedback (one negative - from a scammer) here on eBay. I've sold for 3 years now on girlysales to over 70 different users there. I'm sure you can ask anyone there for feedback and me and they can give it :)
- Paypal only.
- I will ship worldwide, shipping from USA.
- All items from a smoke free home. We have two Miniature Schnauzers but they are hypo allergenic non shedding dogs so you won't get any hairs with your purchase.
- Since many people said they wanted items and just disappeared, I will NOT hold any items for more than a day. If you can't pay in 24 hours tell me so before hand.
- If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
so I'm going to sell them here.

And on to the nail lots!!

I am desperate to sell my last amount of nail polishes. So I have broken them up into EXTREMELY cheap lots. The ONLY reason that they are this cheap is because I am tired of listing everything and taking pictures and doing fancy html for hours for only a small portion to sell.

So here is the deal. Get them at the EXTREMELY LOW prices below, in lots of around 5, as seen in each picture below the lot #. No names and I will not swap out the lots, but you can see most of the names of the colors in my LJ, or at my past sales in this community. I have done my best to mix up the lots so you get different brands and colors with no repeats. Most are tested once, some are used for one manicure, some haven't been used - they are all AS IS for this low price. May discount for LARGE purchases, I'll make an even bigger deal for you to take it all!

SHIPPING is NOT included. I won't discount on shipping, which will be flat rate Priority boxes, because they are the cheapest for the weight of the polishes, and fastest. So a small flat rate priority box (at $5.35) for up to 5 nail polishes, medium flat rate priority box for (at $11.35) for up to 30 nail polishes, and any amount over that a large flat rate priority box (at $15.45). Delivery confirmation is free. These prices to the USA only, will work out prices for other countries individually. Buy more than $40 and I'll pay for 50% of shipping. Buy more than $75 and I'll ship for free.

LOT #1 - $7.00 SOLD!

LOT #2 - $7.00

LOT #3 - $7.00

LOT #4 - $7.00

LOT #5 - $7.00

LOT #6 - $7.00 SOLD !!!

LOT #7 - $7.00

LOT #8 - $7.00

LOT #9 - $7.00

LOT #10 - $7.00

LOT #11 - $7.00

LOT #12 - $7.00

LOT #13 - $7.00

LOT #14 - $7.00 SOLD !!!

LOT #15 - $7.00 SOLD !!!

LOT #16 - $7.00

LOT #17 - $10.00 SOLD !!!

LOT #18 - $8.00 SOLD !!!

LOT #19 (minis) - $2.00

LOT #20 (minis)- $1.70 SOLD !!!

LOT #21 (minis)- $2.00 SOLD !!!

LOT #22 - $5.00

LOT #23 - $5.00

LOT #24 - $5.00

LOT #25 - $5.00

LOT #26 - $5.00

LOT #27 - $5.00

LOT #28 - $5.00

LOT #29 - $5.00

LOT #30 - $3.50

LOT #31 - $3.50

LOT #32 - $3.50

LOT #33 - $3.50

LOT #34 - $3.50

LOT #35 - $3.50

LOT #36 - $3.50

LOT #37 - $3.50

LOT #38 - $3.50

LOT #39 - $3.50

LOT #40 - $3.50

LOT #41 - $3.50

LOT #42 - $3.50

LOT #43 - $3.50

LOT #44 - $3.50

LOT #45 - $3.50

LOT #46 - $3.50

LOT #47 - $3.50

LOT #48 - $3.50

LOT #49 - $3.50

LOT #50 (this lot is either all used for more than one manicure or need a good shaking or stiff to open so I heavily discounted these. All still great to apply, I tested them) - $5.00

Sephora by OPI Best Seller Mini Lot

18 mini Sephora by OPI's. half of them swatched once. Box is really banged up but they are in great condition. Retails $81.00, asking $36.00.

And Lastly: A Gelish Manicure kit LOT.

I just bought this from Sally Beauty and I absolutely love it. I'm bought the full sizes and the bigger light so these are up for grabs, in a lot:

~ Gelish Basix Kit.
The Gelish Basix Kit a complete package of the essential products necessary to properly apply Gelish from start to finish excluding a light and your choice of Mini Gelish Soak Off Colored Gels.

Kit Contains: Mini Gelish Ph Bond, Mini Gelish Foundation, Mini Gelish Top It Off, Mini Gelish Nourish, Mini Gelish Cleanser, Mini Gelish Artificial Nail Remover, two booklets and DVD with instructions. The DVD is still sealed, and all other items have been used for 1 manicure only. Levels are visible in pictures.

~ Gelish Mini UV Light & UV Light Adapter/Power Cord
Used for one manicure. Everything works.

~ Gelish polish colors
I purchased three colors that are not included in the kit: Passion, Bella's Vampire and Good Gossip. All are completely new and unused except Bella's Vampire was used for one manicure.

Pictures and colors below. I paid $132.23 with tax for everything. Considering it all is still in new condition, or brand new unused, I am asking for $80.00 shipped flat rate priority with insurance (shipping is $11.35 - so you get over $63.58 off!).

Bella's Vampire swatch. Deep dark burgundy purple almost black:

Good Gossip swatch. Red with red glitter:

Passion swatch. (The one marked Passion in the picture). Pink with a hint of coral:

Thanks for looking!
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